Sunday, April 18, 2010


When I saw Dana's Can Can/Turkey Skirt, I knew I just HAD to make one for my little gal (and 3 girl cousins). I am not a "sew from a pattern" kind of girl. I find that trying to figure stuff out myself is half the fun of sewing (sometimes it turns out like a serious disaster). Rather than trying to figure this one out myself, I decided to purchase her pattern online and do a review.

1.Price of pattern: This pattern/tutorial was 6 dollars. Worth it! And she emailed it to me within a couple of hours of my purchase. Love that!

2. Actual costs of making the skirt: I bought 4 yards of non-fray nylon at 1.59 each yard and paid 6.95 shipping. If you could find this local, it would save you tons. I used an cotton bed sheet for the main portion of the skirt. It was one that I had never used and it worked great, so that cost me nothing. I also used thread I already had and paid .99 for a couple of yards of elastic for the waist band. These supplies made 2 skirts. I figured I paid about $8 dollars per skirt. Not bad considering these skirts could sell for $40 at a boutique.

3. Dana's Instructions: Instructions are easy to follow and very specific. Plenty of photos. She is great at making tutorials.

4. My rating of sewing skill level: INTERMEDIATE. I am not sure what Dana rates this pattern. It seems like it would be easy, because after all, you are sewing straight lines. The sewing isn't' difficult, but I could foresee a beginning sewer getting frustrated with the bulk and maneuvering of the skirt while trying to sew on all of the ruffles.

5. My overall rating of the pattern: 9 out of 10. There is nothing at all to complain about in this pattern, but how can you give someone a 10 out of 10?

1. Cut your ruffles with a rotary cutter. I started cutting with a pair of scissors and thought I would go insane. I got out my metal yard stick, which is 2 inches wide, and used it as a guide. I folded the chiffon fabric lengthwise in fourths. I then cut the strips the width of the yard stick. It worked perfectly and all of my ruffles were cut in 10 minutes.
2. When gathering my ruffles, I knew I was going to layer them. I found that it was easier and looked tidier when I layered two unruffled strips together before I gathered (so I was gathering 2 layers of fabric at a time).
3. I figured that it would take about 3 strips of chiffon to go all the way around the skirt. So, as I was gathering my ruffles, I made one continuous ruffle with 3 strips of chiffon by tucking in one right after another as I sewed. This made it much easier for me when sewing the ruffles on the skirt.
4. I used peach, gold, white and cream colored chiffon. I loved the mix of all of these colors. I did make the mistake of using peach colored thread and I didn't like that my sewing lines were so obvious on the white and cream ruffles. So, on the second one I did (the one pictured), I used white thread and it made all the difference!


  1. Thanks for the review! I've been contemplating buying it, and your review definitely answers some of the questions I've had. Your daughter's adorable, and so is the skirt you made! :)

  2. This darling little lady is actually my niece. I wish I could take credit for her, but I can't. She is the sweetest little peanut!