Saturday, April 24, 2010

SYTYC Week 1

WHO GUESSED IT?? I think I stumped a couple of my friends on this one.

This was my entry on the SYTYC craft contest for the "Folksy" themed week.
I will share a tutorial on this one soon. I am just waiting for my shiny new camera (I need a replacement for the one that my kiddo dipped in to my 44 ounce drink. )
This is the entry that I voted for. Voting for your own is no fun when there are plenty of others that were fabulous. This is stinkin darling, and very well done. I don't know that I would have the patience to hand stitch those strings on the bodice. I would love to give credit where credit is due....but I don't even know who's entry this was...yet. Great job huh?


  1. I loved the graphics on your checker game. So cute. The guitar dress was also adorable. I wish we could vote for all of them. You did a beautiful job.

  2. I LOVED your checkboard idea! I can't wait to see your tutorial so I can make one for my kiddos.

  3. I thought the Wolfie was you! I loved it. I never knew printable canvas existed! Opened my eyes to lots of new ideas. Good luck, I'm sure your project next week will continue to be as fabulous!

  4. Your checker game is so cute and creative. The guitar dress is to die for!

  5. I love the checkers game. I need the tutorial so I can make it for my grandkids for Christmas or something. You are so amazing Ann!

  6. Can't wait for the checkers tutorial!!!